Forsiden Flyflåten EuroCopter SA365
Eurocopter SA365
The Dauphin AS 365 N2 is a medium-weight multipurpose civil twin-engine helicopter. In addition to technological innovations (main and rear rotor blades made of composite materials, tail rotor built in the fin...), the reliability and availability of this helicopter are highly valued worldwide. The AS 365 N2 is equipped with two Turbomeca Arriel 1C2 engines which offer remarkable performance. This machine is particularly well designed for transporting passengers (Offshore, Corporate or VIP) and for carrying out missions in the Public Services (Police, Fire-fighting...).

With its cabin flexibility, its low vibration level as well as its big choice of optional equipment, this helicopter meets all requirements of a wide mission range.

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 Modell Eurocopter SA365N2 Eurocopter SA365N3
 Max cruise speed (336 mph)  
 Certified ceiling  
 Max range  
 Basic operating weight    
 (Std. BEW plus one pilot at 200 lb)  
 Max airplane length  
 Max tail height  
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